Richard Burchard’s incredible work, The Seven Last Words of Christ, uses hauntingly beautiful melodies to depict the suffering and love of Christ during the crucifixion. Written for SATB voicing with optional string and organ accompaniment, this piece would be ideal for passion week services. The sincere beauty of the music makes it more than acceptable for both liturgical services and concert performances.

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Commended Unto God

Commended Unto God

It can be very difficult for us to let go of our will and trust God with our lives and futures. We each have our own visions and dreams about the way we want our lives to turn out. So when God starts pulling us in one direction, it may be natural for us to resist him...

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Entering Into Paradise

Entering Into Paradise

The example that Christ set throughout his life is one that we should strive to follow. But most especially, the example that he set as he was going to the cross deserves to be studied, analyzed, and followed. Christ knew that he would be faced with inconceivable...

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Finding Beauty in Suffering

Finding Beauty in Suffering

No one likes to suffer. There is most often something that rises up within ourselves when we are faced with pain that causes us to dig in our heels and resist. We resist because we do not like change - we do not understand it, and we have no desire to do so....

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Richard Burchard

Renowned worldwide for his excellent compositions, Richard Burchard continues to impress audiences and listeners with each and every musical selection. Some of his greatest works include The Seven Last Words of Christ, and the Richard Burchard Choral Series with Gentry Publications.


Renting of The Seven Last Words of Christ is available from Hinshaw Music for full choir and orchestration, expanded chamber, and chamber groups.

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“Never before have I seen such beauty in the crucifixion. This magnificent composition moved me deeply, and I was able to find meaning in the music in ways that I never expected.”

– Ezekiel Stevens –

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